32 percent of LGBT Internet users use the Web more than 21 hours per week compared with only 17 percent of non-gay users.                                   LGBTs slightly more entrepreneurial with 30% considering starting their own business if given a cash surplus compared with 23% of non-gays.                                   If they were to earn $100,000 from investments, LGBT consumers more likely to spend it than save it... 63% said they would buy a luxury item vs.45% of non-gays.                                   43% of LGBT consumers plan to purchase or lease a new vehicle in the next two years, as compared to 30% of non-gays.                                   73% of LGBT consumers plan to redecorate their house or apartment in the next 12 months vs. 65% of non-gays.                                   62 percent of LGBTs said that they would very likely purchase from a company that advertises on a cable channel aimed at gays and lesbians                                   91% of gay and lesbian travelers took vacations in the past 12 months compared with a national average of 64%.                                   54% of GLBTs traveled internationally in the past year compared with the national average of 9%.                                   the U.S. Gay and Lesbian community represents a $54.1 billion travel market, an estimated 10% of the U.S. travel industry.                                   GAYEST CITIES. . .1) San Francisco 2) Washington, D.C. 3) Austin 4) Atlanta 5) San Diego 6) Seattle 7) Los Angeles 8) Boston 9) Sacramento 10) Denver                                   MOST HIGH-TECH CITIES. . .1) San Francisco 2) Boston 3) Seattle 4) Washington, D.C. 5) Dallas-Fort Worth 6) Los Angeles 7) Chicago 8) Atlanta 9) Phoenix 10) New York City