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30 Days

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Job Posting Procedure:

Posting a position allows your job opening to be seen by any registered user seeking employment. Interested applicants will respond to your virtual “mailbox” on An automated notification of applicant interest will be sent directly to the e-mail address you provided at registration. You may choose to contact the applicant(s) directly based on the resume/cover letter and personal information they have provided.

Time Period:

Posting your company’s position(s) on is for a period of thirty (30) days. For additional time, please see Extensions.

Payment Options:

Payment must be made by credit card for immediate position posting. For payment by check, please print our downloadable invoice and return along with your payment. For colleges and universities who utilize Purchase Orders, please contact   

Package Plans:

For custom pricing of Advertising, Position Posting, and/or Resume Searching “combinations,” please contact our Sales division at or phone (415) 626-2720.


To extend your position posting period for an additional 30 days, simply hit the extension button at the bottom of the job description form. You will automatically be billed $35 for each position renewed.

Early Termination:

Should you fill or eliminate your position, prior to the scheduled cut-off date, no refunds will be issued. Please contact us with extenuating circumstances for additional consideration at

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