"Internet Servers - Personalized Support"
  Web Servers   Are you:
  • Searching for a web services provider that specializes in dealing with open source products and database-driven web sites?

  • A developer looking for a highly flexible service provider that is managed by talented people who understand your requirements and will work with you to integrate the necessary products and libraries?

  • Tired of your current provider who says "no" all too often?

  • Looking for a service provider with an outstanding reputation and views their clients as much more then just commodities?

  • Needing to host mid-to-high end commercial or open source software - like Lyris, Sybase, Livelink, Communigate Pro, or EZmlm?
We are a web services provider and systems integrator with service offerings specifically engineered for the experimentation, development, and support of database driven and open source based web initiatives. We would like to invite you to consider us for your project. We promise you won't be disappointed.
Each web server has a dedicated IP address and operates separately from all others. Your server can be customized without affecting other users and security is greatly improved.
Bandwidth, disk space, service
  • All systems use 10,000/15,000 RPM SCSI disks and are hardware RAID.
  • 4 physically distinct 45 megabit connections, each from a different provider.
  • You will deal directly with first-class system engineers and integrators - feel free to ask us any question at all.
  • No setup fees.
  • Unlimited POP accounts, E-mail aliases, shell accounts, IRC clients, databases, and domains.
E-mail MTAs
You can currently choose from several MTAs: sendmail, qmail, or postfix. If there is another one you would like to use, just ask we're happy to expand this list.
Database Support
Included is both Postgres and MySQL databases. You can setup and configure as many databases on your server as you would like (we know the importance of having test and production databases!) Other database systems can be integrated on an as-needed basis.
Our servers provide the full breadth of PHP functionality. If there is a special module you need - just ask and we'll be happy to configure it for you. Of course you have full control over the php.ini file.
Because of our server configurations we are able to fully support mod_perl.
We pride ourselves in always being able to help our clients reach their objectives. We fully expect you to have unique requirements and are well prepared to accommodate them.