"Internet Servers - Personalized Support"

We currently offer servers in three varieties.
They can be configured and operational within 24 hours.
(NOTE: Some options may take slightly longer to become fully operational.)

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 Feature Linux (shared) Linux (root) FreeBSD (root)
 Bandwidth (1) 5gb 40gb 40gb
 Disk Space (2) 400mb 4gb 4gb
 Dedicated IPs (3)(4) 1 10 1
  or Postfix
Yes Yes Yes
  and/or MySQL
  (unlimited databases)
Yes Yes Yes
 PHP (module and
  stand-alone executable)
Yes Yes Yes
 mod_perl Yes Yes Yes
 mod_dso Yes Yes Yes
 SSL On Request On Request On Request
 Dedicated web server (4)  Yes Yes Yes
 Unlimited Shell accounts  Yes Yes Yes
 Unlimited E-mail POP
  forwarders, and aliases
Yes Yes Yes
 Root Access on server No Yes Yes
 Cost $45/month $115/month $115/month

(1) Bandwidth note for shared servers: We never put more than 10 clients on a single server instance. For all servers, extra bandwidth is $2/gigabyte.

(2) Extra disk space is $3/gigabyte.

(3) Unfortunately, due to a technical restriction, it is not possible for us to bind multiple IPs to a FreeBSD instance at this time.

(4) Each client has a completely separate web server operating on the respective IP address - completely isolated from other users.