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In the current economy, many companies are finding that their budget for recruiting is getting tighter. It's only natural to ask why you should spend your valuable resources posting your positions on ProGayJobs. Posting your positions on ProGayJobs:

Allows your company to target a specific, highly desirable workforce niche
Allows your company to visibly showcase its efforts to achieve a diverse workplace environment
Provides value-added services for HR professionals implementing diversity programs
Enhances credibility with regard to workplace equality in the minds of job seekers
Reduces anxiety surrounding acceptance topics during the recruiting process

But you still need to be assured of a good fit between a job site's resume pool and your job requirements, right? Consider how our job seeker database is stratified in terms of Education, Location, Salary Expectations.

How much does it cost?
Number Of Jobs To Post 45 days
Single Posting $75
2-5 Postings $70 each
6-10 Postings $65 each
11-20 Postings $60 each
21-30 Postings $55 each

ProGayJobs encourages volume purchasing, and will work with your company to provide you with a very competitive quote if you would like to purchase more than 30 postings. Please call our sales office at (415) 626-2720 , or email us at

What are the time periods available for purchase?
Forty-five (45) days. To extend your position/posting period for an additional 45 days, just hit the re-post button at the bottom of the "MyPosition" form. If you purchase a posting but do not use it immediately, you may use it any time up to one year from the date of purchase.

What are the payment options?
Payment should be made by credit card for immediate position posting. Credit card payments can be made on our website, or over the phone by calling our sales staff at (415) 626-2720. For payment by check, please use our printable invoice and return with your payment.

Is early termination of a posting possible?
Yes. Should you fill or eliminate your position prior to the scheduled cut-off date, you can remove the job posting from the list. No refunds will be given for early termination. However, you may edit your posted position at any time.

How do you start posting?
Add your company to the ProGayJobs database by completing the simple online registration form.
2) Go to the "My Positions" tab* and click the "New Position" button to purchase postings.
3) Follow the secure step-by-step payment process.
4) Enter your job postings. You can return to the "My Positions" page and edit them at any time.
* Only available to registered users.

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