Q. I want to move to San Francisco, CA. What is the best way to go about this with regard to employment?

A. Employers will most assuredly take the path of least resistance in assessing a candidate's resume for interview consideration. Employers in San Francisco or the Bay Area at large for that matter are particularly resident conscientious while selecting choice candidates. The job market in this part of California is more user- friendly than the housing and rental markets and employers are keenly aware of that. Independent of geography, hiring new staff carries its own risk factors; when you add to that a big variable such as relocation. Well, the ideal and first consideration for the employer is to stay within their own backyards.

If it's at all possible, I would recommend a move to get yourself settled first. Having a local address and phone number at the top of your resume allows the viewer to continue assessing you as candidate otherwise your resume may not make it on to the "to be contacted stack". If a move is just not in the cards then the address of a friend or relative could be substituted for the time being. Be prepared however to communicate your move intentions should interviews develop. To quote a reliable cliche, "Honesty is always the best policy."


Q. What do I put on my resume when I only have a minimal education?

A. As little as possible. All too often job seekers add unnecessary and unimportant information to this portion of their resumes. In doing so they're putting a spot light on an area that is best left low key. Instead of attempting to embellish on the lack of education you may have on your emphasize your skills, strengths and qualifications.


Q. Is an OBJECTIVE advised or necessary on my resume?

A. This is a really common and controversial question. My professional preference is to have the resume include the objective. So YES I would advise including an objective to your resume. However, ProGayJobs.com receives resumes at random. The objective is very helpful to us when identifying possible talent for placement matches. To an agency and employer an objective will identify focus, direction and a degree of purpose for the skills and work history listed below it.