Functional Resumé

A functional resumé is recommended if you are changing industries, have had a number of unrelated positions, or are covering long gaps in your work history.

115 Central Park West PH #2 New York, NY 10023
(212) 555-3355

To obtain an executive-level position in Business Development or Special Promotions in the private sector utilizing my extensive business experience.


Business Analysis and Development
  • Analyzed and developed new business structure, financial plan, and talent roster of SpringFest Entertainment resulting in 200% increase in net profit over 5 year period.
  • Created structure for profit and loss report and performed monthly analysis for SpringFest.
  • Re-configured market analysis structure and conducted market research, thereby increasing market share for SpringFest.

Project Analysis and Management
  • Analyzed structure of $1M project and implemented re-design for The Children's Philharmonic. Project currently receives acclaim from industry leaders and funders.
  • Scaled projects to fit multi-faceted parameters to meet performance objectives for The Children's Philharmonic and NYC Repertory Theatre.
  • Created budgets exceeding $500,000 for 9 projects at The Children's Philharmonic
  • Resolved daily, intricate problems with high-level management team at NYC Repertory Theatre.
  • Managed back-stage of NYC Repertory Theatre including technical operations, staff and interns.
  • Synthesized complex data into comprehensive reports for The Children's Philharmonic and NYC Repertory Theatre.
  • Wrote press releases resulting in local and national media coverage of projects for SpringFest, The Children's Philharmonic and Children Against Violence.

Program Development
  • Researched and authored grant proposals for initiatives at The Children's Philharmonic.
  • Developed strategic direction of advocacy and artistic programs at The Children's Philharmonic.
  • Established relationships with organizations in creation of programs for The Children's Philharmonic.
  • Conducted environmental scans to assess marketable talent for SpringFest and The Children's Philharmonic.

2000-current Director of Programs The Children's Philharmonic, New York, NY
1995-2000 Business & Talent Agent SpringFest Entertainment, New York, NY
1993-1995 Phone Representative Children Against Violence, New York, NY

Princeton University; Princeton, NJ
M.A. with Honors, English
Sorbonne; Paris, France
B.A. French Literature.

Proficient in French and Italian.

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